For creation All Russia and regional data bases, for bringing up to date information to Local Authorities, companies and other users at their request as well as for making information about goods and products available through Internet, producers fill in and present to the Regional Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology of Rosstandart an index sheet for production manufactured according to technical norms and regulations.

Index sheet: rules for issuance and enrolment
  • 1. What is the Index sheet about?

Index sheet is a machine-oriented document, which contains a particular set of administrative details and information, which allow you to learn the following: - the name and label of an item of the specific brand; - company-producer; - legal and technical norms and regulations in accordance to which this particular item of goods is produced and supplied; - the legal holder of above mentioned document; - major consumer properties of this particular brand.

  • 2. Where the Index sheet has to be registered?

Company-producer registers its Index sheet at the regional authorised agency of «Rosstandart» at the area where the Company has its registered office – in «Federal Budget agency Murmansk CSM».

  • 3. What is required for Index sheet registration?

Company-producer file to the regional Centre of Standardization and Metrology one original and one copy of Index sheet on A4 paper sheet (two sided) in accordance with the requirements of filling rules 50-718-99 «Rules of filling in and filing Index sheets for items of production» (Supplement A), as well as the copy or original of technical norms and regulations (GOST, GOST R, Company standards, Terms of Reference, specifications), which are indicated on the Index sheets. Changes to Index sheets are worked out by the company-producer and holder of original of Index sheet, they are based on the changes and amendments to the technical norms and regulations serving as the guidelines for producing brand items if these changes and amendments are critical for information filed in Index sheets, as well as in case if the information about the Company has been changed. Changes to the Index sheet have to be prepared and filed within one week since these changes occur. In case certain items are no longer produced the Company-producer has to send to the regional Centre of Standardization and Metrology the official letter of cancelling Index sheet, specifying item brand name and registration number.

  • 4. Rules for filling up Index sheets forms.

Index sheet has to be filled for one particular item or for several items, types, modifications, etc., in accordance with the requirements of filling rules 50-718-99 «Rules of filling in and filing Index sheets for items of production». It is not allowed to fill in one Index sheet for several items if they are produced and supplied in accordance to different Technical norms and regulations. Sections 03, 06 and 07 of Index sheet are filled by the official of the Centre of Standardization and Metrology («Federal Budget agency Murmansk CSM»).


At request on the commercial basis FBA «Murmansk CSM» can consult company-producers on the procedure of filling in Index sheets. Registration service charge is calculated according tariff rate table, which is contemporary in effect.

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