History of the Agency

FBA «Murmansk CSM» was established as a permanent representative office of the State Weights and Measures Department in 1935. Initially it was aimed at meeting the requirements of Trade and Industry of the region in calibration of instruments.

In 1939 when Murmansk region was singled out as a territorial entity the office was reorganised into Murmansk regional division of the State Committee on Weights and Measurement Instruments, which greatly facilitated the development of Industry in the region. New methods of calibration were employed. The division started getting new calibration instruments. Radio measurement laboratory was specially organized.

Up to the year 1964 Murmansk Centre executed only metrological supervision and control at the territory of Murmansk region. But in 1964 the department of standardization was established. In 60ties and 70ties standardization was quickly developing in the country and this facilitated the establishment of the department of Quality Management of production and later section of food testing on the basis of department of standardization.

In 1976 Murmansk laboratory of State Supervision over Standards and Measurement Devices was reorganized into Murmansk interregional Laboratory of State Supervision over Standards and Measurement Devices with Arkhangelsk and Karelia laboratories incorporated. Murmansk interregional Laboratory at that time was functioning as the basic agency in the area of State supervision over implementation and compliance of standards and technical regulations, providing metrological supervision for production of fishing industry.

In 1985 in compliance under the order of «GosStadart» of USSR, Murmansk Laboratory of State Supervision over Standards and Measurement Devices was given the name of Murmansk Centre of Standardization and Metrology with affiliated offices in the cities of Kandalaksha, Monchegorsk and Kirovsk.

In 1989 Testing Laboratory of food and agricultural products stated its work. In 1992 Testing Laboratory of building materials and engineering constructions started its operations. Next year the Laboratory of Microbiology was commissioned. When the Russian Federation Law «Concerning Protection of Consumers' Rights» was put into force and standardization was given the new impetus, «Murmansk CSM» in 1993 started establishing facilities for certification goods, services and quality control systems.

In 2002 as a result of reforming system of standardization, agencies for obligatory certification were separated from «Murmansk CSM».

Nowadays «Murmansk CSM» consistently works in order to meet the demand of regional industry sector in metrology at production facilities, independent examinations and testing, legal documentations, advanced training of executive management and professionals.

The other objective of highest importance is the promotion of ideas of better quality, offering and rendering material and sophisticated support to the regional companies in order to give them the instrument of contemporary knowledge in Quality Management.ой важнейшей задачей является пропаганда идей качества, содействие и оказание практической помощи предприятиям региона в овладении современными знаниями менеджмента качества.

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