Laboratory for oil properties study

In the Laboratory crude oil samples are tested in order to study oil properties and its behaviour changes in the seawater.

The study is performed in accordance with the methodology of the Norwegian Institute of Materials and Chemistry SINTEF in the conditions simulating sea environment at the pre-set temperature from 0°С and higher and artificial sea waving.

Computer model is being run on the basis of data obtained through oil study, it compares oil properties to the pre-set conditions (thickness of oil/emulsion film, waves at the sea, seawater temperature, wind velocity) – the result is the forecast of oil properties change and oil spill behaviour at the sea surface.

Laboratory holds the data bank of Russian oil which describes physical chemical characteristics of crude oil and artificially weathered samples of oil; oil in water emulsions and chemical dispersion of oil.

The information from the data bank is delivered to services involved into rescue operations during oil spill response procedures.

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