Project KO 437 Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme

Project KO 437 Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013
"Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System through Establishing Oil Database"
Funded by the European Union, Russia, Finland and Norway.

The Project – «Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System through Establishing Oil Database» is implemented within the framework of «Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013» in the Murmansk region.

Russian Federation, Finland, and Norway participate in realization of the Project. The project is financed by the European Union, Russian Federation, Finland and Norway.

The overall aim of the Project is to minimize damage to the environment during oil spills in the regions of the Kolarctic Programme area, which will improve safety and reliability situation and benefit the successful cross-border cooperation of countries in the Programme area.

Specific objective is to develop procedure of prompt cooperation of international emergency response forces in the emergency situation of Russian oil spill in the northern seas areas covered by the Kolarctic Programme, taking into account forecasts of oil spill behaviour on the basis of laboratory tests results.

The Project envisages training drills in situations simulating oil spills emergency situations with participating emergency response forces from Russia, Finland and Norway.

Expected results. The Project envisages creation of data bank of oil from Russia, which is transported through the Northern sea areas of the countries covered by the Programme and data bank of oil in contact with dispersants.

The project will improve procedure of prompt coordination of international emergency response forces in the situation of oil spills of Russian oil in the sea areas of the Programme area countries, taking into account the information of the oil database.

The Project will work out recommendations for the use of oil database and for improvement technology of oil spill response.

Who will benefit from the Project – first of all, population in the countries of Northern Calotte and North-West of Russia, people in the area want to live in natural friendly environment regardless of the level of industrial development of the area covered by the Kolarctic Programme.

Information materials of the Project KO 437
Information booklet of the Project KO 437
Recommendations for the Use of Database of Russian Crude Oil in the Marine Oil Spill Response System
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Ripacheva Raisa Vladimirovna
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