Registered Addresses and Bank Details

FBA «Murmansk CSM»

Address: 183001, the City of Murmansk, Festival’naya street, 25
Telephone: (8152) 47-23-56
Fax: (8152) 286-000

IIN 5193600138 Tax Registration Code 519001001
Federal Treasury Department at Murmansk Region (FBA «Murmansk CSM», account 20496Х23120)
Current account 40501810900002000001
Beneficiary Bank:
the Main Financial Settlements Centre of Main Administration Of the Bank of Russia at Murmansk Region, city of Murmansk
BIC 044705001 ОКПО (Russian Business and Organization Classification) 02567580 ОКАТО (Russian Administrative Territorial Division Classification) 47401000000
Purpose of payment:
(00000000000000000130) Further as the text goes – payment for.

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