Test Performance Centre of Industrial Production Crude Products and Raw Materials

Department is providing the following services:

  • issuance the official copies of national standards (GOST R, GOST);
  • consultations with a follow up Written Opinion on issues of technical regulation, standardization and confirmation of conformity;
  • subscription service for Company’s Regulatory Documents Centre;
  • issuance clarifications whether products are referred as such that require obligatory confirmation of conformity (obligatory certification, declaration of conformity), about attributing codes of Russian Classification of Production and Russian Classification of Standards,issuance labelling and brand codes in accordance with Russian Classification of Production ОКП, КГС (ОКС);
  • converting codes from Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature FEACN into All Russian Classification of Products and All Russian Classification of Products into Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature FEACN;
  • selecting appropriate codes of «Russian Classification of Production» from all-Russia classification of products OK 005-93;
  • tutorial guidelines in development technical norms and Company standards;
  • assessing goods, work (services), contracts (agreements), Terms of Reference, Company standards for compliance with Regulatory Documents requirements;
  • forensic examinations;
  • testing Quality Management System for compliance with All-Russia State Standards GOST R and ISO 9001-2008;
  • generating and updating regional data base «Production of Murmansk Region» with further introduction of information into data base «Production of Russia»;
  • organisation of seminars on issues of technical regulation, standardization, introduction of standards ISO-9000 into Quality Management Systems in «Murmansk CSM» office or at Customer's premises;
  • organisational support and tutorial guidance of quality contests.
The Head of The Department of Technical Regulation and Information
Pochinkova Natalia Nikolaevna
(8152) 28-79-72
Fax: (8152) 286-000
E-mail: mcsm@mcsm.ru
Office 2-45, office 2-37 (Fund of Standards)

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