FBA «Murmansk CSM» is authorised to carry out educational programmes of upgrading professional vocational training in accordance with the License Series A №293854 (registration number 263-09) dated on the 24th of November 2009, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Murmansk Region.

FBA «Murmansk CSM» is a full fledged representative body of the Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (tutorial) of Rostandart and provides education in the following areas of expertise (duration 1-3 weeks):


  • Metrological support of production

For chief metrologists, their deputies, heads of laboratories for verification and calibration metering devices, for offices responsible for the integrity of measurements in companies and institutions, employees of test performance departments.

  • Verification and calibration of thermo technical metering devices

For verification and calibration technicians of contact metering devices of temperature, metering devices of thermo producers, metering devices of pressure, volume and flow of liquids, gas and steam.

  • Verification and calibration of electrical metering devices

Metering devices of dynamic electricity, electric potential, resistance, capacitance, loss tangent, and inductance.

  • Verification and calibration of radio technical metering devices

Metering devices of radio technical signals, metering generators, metering microwave spectrum devices.

  • Verification and calibration of geometrical metering devices

Line and end gauge metering devices, micro metering devices, gauge heads, thickness gauge meters, pipe wall thickness gauge meters, indicator depth gauge meters, linear gauge meters, angle gauge meters, goniometric angles gauge meters, deviation of surface dispositions meters, deviations of cylinders meters, control meters of equipment.

  • Verification and calibration of mechanical metering devices

Metering devices of weight, volume, capacity, strength, force, mechanical properties of materials, velocity characteristics.

  • Metrological examination of technical documentation

Vocational training for engineers and technicians working in front-end engineering, technological, metrological services of companies and institutions.


There is the possibility of training in other professions. For certain areas training is organised during short-term (1-3 days) seminars.

In accordance with Government Regulation of RF dated on the 10th of March 2000 № 213 upgrading training of employees is organised as required but at least once during 5 years in service throughout the active working time.

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